About Us

Our History

It all started in 1966, as a family business founded in Bourj Hammoud by Mr. Sahag Parseghian and his son Mr. George Parseghian. The idea was to provide to the market a one stop shop mechanical workshop for custom made machining, designs, and spare parts.

After years of hard work, investment in the business and networking the family business went beyond the boarders exploring new markets and challenges. The right foundations based on business ethics, quality and respect to timeline, allowed GPS Steel to link its name to brands and industries in the Middles East, Europe and Asia. 

In 2000, a new location was required in order to accommodate to the market demanded; expanding was the only way going forward, as such the company moved to a modern fully equipped premises, with a new set of machinery all controlled by computer systems.

The new technology boosted the manufacturing process, increased the overall productivity, and allowed the company to be better positioned in the market among competitors.
The shift also came with a wider market offerings covering more industries, from the architecture, construction related industries, all the way to agriculture, and many other in need for a solid partner able to tailor solutions up to their needs.

In 2010, Volume production was the title of the next expansion. In order to meet the tailors solution which require high volume and automated processing, the company invested again in a major facility away from the capital able to meet the required with a 24/7 operation capacity.
When we say Volume we say new markets with intense population density and high complexity, so obviously the North American market was the answer. The first relation with that market dated in 2010 via dealers and B to B relations, however, is 2019 the new management generation took the decision to establish a branch in North America and precisely in Ontario Canada so it get closer to its clients, meet their requirements, meet their building codes, standards and explore the market from near.

Why Choose Us?

GPS Steel values quality, value engineering, in house design, fully automated processing and dedication to innovation. We offer a wide range of tailored solutions, products and services for contractors and subcontractors by providing final products ready for installation.


We have 60 years of extensive experience in meeting the customer requirements from mould making, machine maintenance, industrial parts, architectural shapes, and building material.


Time is crucial in the supply chain, studying the project will allow us to identify the complexity which will be translated to time and resource allocation. We commit to what we promise.


It all starts with an Idea, shaped by design, drawings, and templates, enhanced by experience and value engineering, produced by high quality, technology, raw material and experts, delivered on time meeting client’s expectations.

55+ Years Experience in producing machining parts