Customized Services

Custom-Made products is Our specialty


CNC Machining

Custom-Made products is Our specialtyGPS Steel has invested on high precision machining in order to provide services including EDM drilling, CNC turning, wire cutting and CNC milling.


Mould Making

GPS Steel can design & produce: Stamping forging, punching bending, metal & plastic injection moulds.


Machine Parts Manufacturing

We manufacture all types of machine parts including gears, accessories and dies for press brakes.

EDM: We use electric discharge machining process to shape any metal material rapidly by using desired modeled electrodes.

EDM Drill: We have the capacity to drill from 0.3mm to 3.0mm diameter up to 300mm thickness any type and steel hardness.

CNC Turning: High speed and high precision lathes process parts that range from the smallest and highest detailed parts to the roughest largest parts. These high speed CNC lathes are capable of mass producing of aluminum, brass, plastic, stainless steel, carbon steel and all other types of materials.

CNC Milling: Two , Three and Four dimensional operations such as drilling, cutting, engraving, or shaping any kind of material according to the customers requirements.

Wire cutting: We are equipped with high precision wire cutting machines which are able to cut up to 60cm thickness with a precision of 0.001mm. This type of cutting is mostly used in precise mould making,